Tilky Montgomery Jones

"If the music kills me, I rather die happy than living without it"

Naughty and Nice, 2014 (aka Christmas Mix)

Director: Sam Irvin
Written by: John Wierick
Cast: Haylie Duff, Tilky Jones, Maureen McCormick, Eric Petersen, Tyler Jacob Moore 
Role: Pepper Sterling
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Release date: November 9, 2014

Synopsis: When a cynical Los Angeles DJ is exiled to a quaint mountain town for the holiday season, the small-town charm and holiday cheer—not to mention his pretty new co-host—begin to melt his icy demeanor. The two have an entertaining repartee on-air that enthralls the town, and eventually leads to sparks between them that they can't deny.

This Christmas... will opposites attract?